Tachyon Features

Enable New Workloads in Any Storage
Generate value from your data in S3, GlusterFS, Swift, NFS, HDFS, etc.
Accelerate Data Access
Tachyon helps companies improve their big data analytics speed by orders of magnitude.
A Fast-Growing Community
One of the fastest-growing projects in the big data ecosystem. Amassed 100+ contributors from 30+ companies in 2 short years.
Work with the Framework of Your Choice
Tachyon supports many different frameworks, such as Apache Spark, Apache MapReduce, Apache Flink, and Impala.
Build on Solid Foundation
Production Tachyon deployments scale out to more than 100 nodes, and manage PBs of data.
Scale up in Any Industry
Leaders from Internet, Finance, Energy, and Telecom are using Tachyon to meet their ever-demanding needs.

Run Tachyon Everywhere

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